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Cressida Granger has been running Mathmos: Inventors of the Lava Lamp since 1989, and is proud to not only make the pop design icon that is the original lava lamp, but to have kept them in continual British production since 1963.

Mathmos lava lamps - Planet Studio Chelsea 2022 collaborator

The Inventor of the Lava Lamp

Founded in 1963 by the inventor of the lava lamp, Edward Craven Walker, Mathmos lava lamps have been in continuous British production for over 50 years. Recognised as twentieth century design classics, Mathmos make the best quality lava lamps available.

Mathmos lava lamps range from small portable candle powered lamps to giant floor standing pieces. Mathmos supplies customers all over Europe directly from its international websites. Millions of lava lamps have been manufactured in Dorset and sold throughout the world, gaining a host of business and marketing awards including two Queen’s Awards for Export.

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Recreating the atmosphere of Studio 54

Lighting and movement will play an important part in the design of Planet Studio and will be used to replicate the atmosphere and theatrics of the original Studio 54 venue. Rocket shaped lava lamps and colourful projections will convey the feeling of, quite literally, being on another planet.

Cressida says, “James has a strong vision and knows what he needs. We trust him to make something fabulous.”

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Meet the 2022 Collaborators

A collision of houseplants, bespoke ceramics, textiles and retro lighting will convey the eccentricities that were synonymous with Studio 54.
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