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Sowvital creates houseplant care formulations. Its philosophy is built around science, art and rituals. Sowvital products are animal free, and use pioneering circular economy ingredients to nourish houseplants. It proudly feeds Planet Studio’s plants.


Helping plants thrive

We carry our philosophy in our name: ‘sow’ i.e., to plant or seed, and ‘vital’, i.e., that which is essential for life. Our story started with a desire to combine the power of science and rituals to create innovative house plant care formulations. Over the last two years we have worked with experts from England, Japan and Scandinavia, to source pioneering and sustainable ingredients which help houseplants thrive. This led to our proprietary three-step routine, which is anchored around cleansing, nourishing and spritzing (on a Sunday).

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The beautiful world of houseplants

Sowvital say, “James’ design talents, vision and creativity are a continuous source of inspiration for us. We will be stocking the botanical bar with the best nutrients to keep the houseplants singing and dancing all night long.

“The Malvern Garden Buildings’ Planet Studio, designed by James Whiting, breathes endless life and style into the beautiful world of houseplants”.

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Meet the 2022 Collaborators

A collision of houseplants, bespoke ceramics, textiles and retro lighting will convey the eccentricities that were synonymous with Studio 54.
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