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A sensory showcase, Botanical Rhapsody, designed by The Edible Bus Stop and sponsored by Close Brothers Asset Management, uses technology known as bio-sonification to translate the bio-rhythms of living organisms into sounds.

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Silver Gilt Medal

Creating transformative landscapes

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Mak Gilchrist is the Founder of The Edible Bus Stop – a London based landscape and special design studio. At The Edible Bus Stop she’s integral to bringing each of the schemes to life and working with clients to create a sustainable legacy for each project.

“We specialise in creating transformative landscape design for exterior and interior environments, in permanent or temporary settings. Our approach is driven by a belief in the importance of inviting biophilic places, where people from all walks or wheels of life can enjoy all-inclusive design standards and connect with their surroundings”.

The Edible Bus stop have worked on several projects including a National Covid-19 Memorial Site, The London Blossom Garden at The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This is not their first time at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, in 2021 they were awarded a Silver- Gilt medal for their first experimental showcase.

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Magical cabin in the woodsRHS Silver Gilt Medal Winner

The Edible Bus stop will be bringing their vision Botanical Rhapsody to life in the Studio Pent building. The overall design is influenced in part by an East Asian aesthetic, inspired initially from the Japanese practise of Shinrin Yoku – known as forest bathing.

The Edible Bus Stop is a spatial design studio specialising in transformative landscape design for public spaces. Following on from their medal-winning success at last year’s Houseplant Studios, they return with Botanical Rhapsody. Their immersive studio offers a sensory experience that, through sound, vision and touch, explores our innate connection with nature.

Taking initial design inspiration from the Japanese practise of forest bathing, Shinrin Yoku, visitors are invited to feel a sense of calm and stress reduction whilst surrounded by the luscious planting inside and out. The studio features bio-sonification technology, whereby the bio-rhythms of plants are translated into sound. Visitors can discover how plants interact with their surroundings and also play a part in a plant’s ‘music’ through touch.

Mak said: “Many of the plants selected are everyday plants in unusual varieties. The Tradescantia Pallida is a perfect example. We aim to inspire our audience by showcasing plants that are attainable and can be maintained without having to be James Wong!

“Our staging and clustering of the plants will inspire how to display your plants at home along with the restrictive palettes for the planters/pots to create an overall design aesthetic.”

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show

24 – 28 May 2022

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