Robinsons Rosette Reach Double Greenhouse

From £6,288

The Rosette Reach Double is available in 10 sizes:

  • 21’9” x  6’7”
  • 21’9” x 8’8”
  • 21’9” x 10’8”
  • 21’9” x 12’8”
  • 21’9” x 14’9”
  • 21’9” x 16’9”
  • 21’9” x 18’9”
  • 21’9” x 20’10”
  • 21’9” x 22’10”
  • 21’9” x 24’11

With the addition of 8’1″ extensions priced at £4,575 you can build an even larger greenhouse to suit your needs.

The Robinsons Rosette Reach Double is like a Rosette Reach greenhouse, but with extra high sides. Even though the Rosette is already classed as a high eaves model (at 5’6” to eaves) the Reach Double is a foot taller, at 6’6” to the eaves.

This extra height gives you several advantages: firstly, your greenhouse will have a better atmosphere, with more air and more headroom for specimen plants. You will also have room for an extra high-level shelf on the side – for example, you could add a run of staging with a shelf above and even another shelf above that – giving you considerably more growing capacity. The other main benefit of the extra height is that you can choose to have your doors on the side of the greenhouse.

The double doors will come as standard, in the gable end position, but if you would like side doors, please specify the position and we can adapt the greenhouse accordingly when we make it.

As with other Robinsons, the Rosette Reach Double is developed around Robinsons’ famous R-pro box section aluminium glazing bars and Pro-Cap screw-in glazing capping system. This results in an extremely strong and sturdy greenhouse, which is finished beautifully.

The Easi-Glide doors come complete with Go-Lo low threshold doorway, and you can extend to any length that you wish, as well as adding internal partitions so that you can create different environments within the greenhouse.

»  Extra high eaves
»  Double sliding doors
»  Auto-vents
»  Valley gutter with downpipes
»  Lockable double doors
»  Toughened safety glass (4mm)
»  Ground level door threshold
»  Kick panels
»  Extremely strong frame

Options Available

Roller blind

Ideal to help you control the environment during the hotter weather.

6 slat louvre

Increase ventilation.

External shading

Horticultural grade shade netting specially made into a kit for one side of the roof.

Staging and shelving

Fully height adjustable for more work space.

Dwarf wall models

Sit your greenhouse on a standard height dwarf wall, roughly 2ft high.

Colour Options


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