Meet Happy Houseplants and The Plant Rescuer

Founders of Happy Houseplants, Emily and Mark Lawlor have teamed up with The Plant Rescuer, Sarah Gerrard-Jones to create their 2022 RHS Chelsea Houseplant Studio – The Plant Clinic. Their design will be brought to life in Malvern Garden Buildings’ Studio Pavilion.

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Gold Medal

Using plants to escape the stresses of everyday life

Emily Lawlor from Happy Houseplants

Founded in 2018 by Emily and Mark, Happy Houseplants aims to create urban jungles – small spaces of calm to help you escape the everyday stresses of life. They sell beautiful indoor plants and have collaborated with some of the UK’s leading homeware brands and influencers.

Emily and Mark share a flair and passion for plant styling and offer advice for bringing plants into all environments such as homes, workplaces, restaurants, hotels and retail spaces. They have a simple philosophy – they only buy plants they love.

Every plant they sell is handpicked and has its own story and charm.

It’s important to Happy Houseplants to ensure plant owners, both new and existing, remain delighted with their plants and so they provide all the knowledge and guidance necessary to help the plant settle into its new home.

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Plants need a little TLC too!

Sarah Gerrard Jones from Happy Houseplants

Author, writer and houseplant lover Sarah Gerrard-Jones firmly believes that every plant deserves a happy life. For years she’s been rescuing plants destined for the bin and documenting their recovery to show that, with a little extra care, these plants will flourish and thrive.

In 2021, Sarah was a finalist in the Garden Media Guild’s Social Media Influencer of the Year award. Sarah has a great range of broadcast and print appearances including BBC Gardeners’ World and The Times.

Sarah’s brand-new book The Plant Rescuer: The Book Your Houseplants Want You to Read was published in April 2022.

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Making imperfect plants perfect again

This is not the first time that Happy Houseplants and The Plant Rescuer have collaborated, they are the founders of the Plant Rescue Box Initiative – a scheme which encourages people to buy imperfect plants that would otherwise be thrown away.

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The Plant ClinicRHS Gold Medal Winner

We live in a throwaway society where it’s easier and quicker to replace rather than repair. A culture obsessed with perfection leads to millions of healthy plants being discarded.

The Plant Clinic will offer an interactive space for people to learn how to better care for their plants through education and encouragement.

Designers Mark, Emily and Sarah explain: “Nature is being binned because it doesn’t meet our impossibly high standards or ideals.”

“We want to create a space to show gratitude to plants, a place where we can share knowledge about plant care and help save them from being binned.”

The Plant Clinic will bring together independent businesses and social media influencers who will create ‘treatment stations’ for indoor plants including:

  • Steam Room: A large, humid terrarium created by Ben of @worcesterterrariums
  • Jacuzzi: Propagation vases with added bubbles of oxygen to help cuttings grow
  • Soil Bar: Bespoke potting mixes (an opportunity to get your hands dirty!)
  • Juice Bar: Providing plants with nutrients to aid photosynthesis
  • Solarium: Grow lights for our plants to bask under.

Happy Houseplants and The Plant Rescuer Collaborators

Malvern Garden Buildings

Malvern Garden Buildings

Malvern Garden Buildings will be working in collaboration with the RHS providing the Houseplant Studios at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, where our vision, ‘The Plant Clinic’, will be exhibiting in Malvern’s Studio Pavillion.

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RAFT Furniture

RAFT Furniture

Raft Furniture is a sustainability focused designer furniture company founded in 1999 by Mick Quinn and Heinz Frye. ‘An unwavering commitment to the environment' was their personal mission.

RAFT Furniture specialises in bespoke, handmade sofas and sustainable teak furniture. They have their very own factory in North London.

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Liquid Gold Leaf

Liquid Gold Leaf

The world’s only liquid fertiliser to contain every essential plant nutrient. Liquid Gold Leaf is a revolutionary and innovative liquid fertiliser for all plants and crops.

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Soil Ninja


At Soil.Ninja we believe in making high quality, sustainably sourced soil blends, made available in storage cupboard friendly sizes for normal plant folk like you.

Our goal is to make it super easy for everyone in the plant community to pick up a premium soil mix and re-pot that Monstera you've been putting off for ages, without it costing the earth (pun intended). Soil.Ninja’s products are made fresh, daily and by hand in Lincoln, England.

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Worcester Terrariums

Worcester Terrariums

Worcester Terrariums was founded by Ben Newell in 2019. The business sells terrariums but, most importantly, educates people about them with 1-1 workshop lessons.

Ben creates additional terrarium-tastic content on his social platforms including Instagram, YouTube and Facebook where he shares his terrarium top tips, advice, niche knowledge and so much more to his high following!

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Rosewood Living Walls

Rosewood Living Walls

We all need them for health, wellbeing, happiness and balance, but as our gardens get smaller, how can we make our spaces greener?

A living wall can instantly transform a seemingly cramped, dull space into a vibrant, colourful oasis. Add a new dimension to your garden with a Rosewood Living Wall.

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Soltech Solutions

Soltech Solutions

“Our mission is to illuminate homes through the joy of plants.”

Soltech Solutions is a privately-owned, small business specialising in grow lights that are handcrafted in America. Growlights from Soltech Solutions are used by professionals and everyday people alike to create exceptional home and office environments.

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Sandy Bay London

Sandy Bay London

Sandy Bay London are one of the most distinguished and luxurious Home Fragrance brands in the UK. They specialise in sophisticated fragrances using only the most superior quality ingredients.

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PEP Retail Signage & Display

The Fabrication Specialists

Working with agencies and brands, PEP Retail Signage & Display specialise in fabricating 3D and illuminated retail signage and displays using both traditional craftsmanship and state of the art technology.

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show

24 – 28 May 2022

Meet the 2022 Designers

We know what a positive impact well designed spaces can have on quality of life, and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with designers who understand the extraordinary benefits of houseplants.

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