Ever wondered what happens to RHS Chelsea Flower Show plants after the show?

RHS Chelsea 2022 Malvern Garden Buildings Tradestand

The Fate of Plants at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

If you’ve been at the show on the last day, you’ll know a bell rings at 4pm to signal the start of the great plant sell off. Most of the botanical wonders featured find their way onto buses, get bundled into cars, or disappear off on the Tube clutched tightly by their euphoric new owners. But what fate awaits the remaining plants? Are they simply left to wither away?

Fortunately, not. As you would expect, both the RHS and we, the exhibitors, take our responsibilities to reduce waste and increase recycling very seriously. Nowhere is this commitment more evident than in the aftermath of the world’s most famous flower show.



A Sustainable Solution 

This year, Malvern Garden Buildings made a substantial contribution to Wayward Plants, an Official Reuse Partner for the Royal Horticulture Society. Wayward Plants has been instrumental in finding new homes for tens of thousands of plants, trees, and materials from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, donating them to schools and community groups.

Established in 2006, Wayward Plants facilitates plant exchanges and adoption events to connect people through plants. This London-based landscape, art, and architecture practice is made up of an award-winning collective of designers, artists, and urban growers. Their commitment goes beyond design, as they forge strategic partnerships, engage with communities, and curate original live events.


From Derelict to Design-Driven: Wayward’s Projects 

Over the past decade, Wayward has designed and tested innovative new social, cultural and economic models for sustainable green spaces. One such project is an ambitious urban farming concept called ‘Farmopolis’ that brings together farming, food, art and culture with an experimental testbed on a jetty outpost at the Greenwich Peninsula in 2016.

In their work they embrace pioneering new methodologies in the creative use of underutilised land and meanwhile spaces, transforming derelict sites into large-scale, design-driven spaces that engage local communities and inspire international audiences.


Connecting People Through Plants 

As we reflect on our contribution to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show’s House Plant Area, including the indoor plants featured in our studio, we hope that all the donations, including those from Malvern Garden Buildings, continue to thrive and bring joy in their new homes, strengthening the bond between people and nature.


To learn more about Wayward’s future projects and volunteer opportunities at next year’s RHS shows, visit their website at https://www.wayward.co.uk/#ourwork.

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