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Set in an eclectic city apartment, Houseplant Studio Maximalist Verdure designed by mother and daughter duo Holly and Nikki celebrates individual style and the beauty of plants in compact living spaces. Drawing inspiration from the Victorian-era, the exhibit presents a rich tapestry of foliage, focusing on leaf shape, texture, and colour. From the timeless Aspidistra to contemporary tropical treasures, lush layers of foliage are accented by flowering exotics, succulents, cacti, and edibles, all presented in repurposed garden brocante containers.

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RHS Gold Medal

Championing small space indoor gardening

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Holly and Nikki founded In the Garden 10 years ago on a shoestring budget with a love of plants and a passion for gardening.

Together, they spotted a gap in the market for offering small space indoor gardening, container gardening and creativity. Holly and Nikki shared the desire to bring houseplant container gardening to the high street and into inner city homes and workspaces.

From day one, they retailed indoor container arrangements and potted plants on local markets, building towards a permanent high street plant shop that’s located in North West London. In their shop, they demonstrate small space gardening and encourage visitors to talk and ask plant care questions.

“In the Garden is a plant-focused hub, one that the local community can enjoy, a plant shop and stall that is a horticultural resource whether you have no plants, one plant or many. We want to encourage and inspire you to get involved with houseplants as we believe living with houseplants brings a myriad of benefits.”

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Alongside retail, Holly and Nikki have private commissions for corporate and private clients providing houseplant installations, outdoor container planters, and living walls.

In 2023, they exhibited at their first RHS show at Hampton Court Garden Festival and achieved a Gold Medal, also winning the Best New Design Award for their Houseplant and Container Gardening exhibit.

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Maximalist Verdure: Indoor Gardening in Small SpacesRHS Gold Medal Winner

From the moment you step foot inside Maximalist Verdure, housed in an Astwood Pavilion building, you will experience a space that hosts treasures, life and intrigue.

In the Garden will use past and treasured vessels to create a cosy indoor garden to get lost in after a hard day’s work. A feast of foliage influenced by Victorian trendsetters, the exhibit is a layered houseplant display focusing on leaf shape, texture and colour inspired by the much-loved plant stars of the past and the present.

“We want to create an Aladdin’s trove of houseplants that can be replicated in your home. An exhibit nodding to the past but very firmly engaging in up-to-date sustainable practices, ethos and imaginative thinking for housing and enjoying plants in our homes, whatever the space available to you. Plants in the home begin to create their own story just like the presentation containers they are in. They become an expression of our identity. In a nutshell, everything we love rolled into one diverse, living and breathing indoor plant exhibit (just like our urban plant shop in NW London).”

Their design champions small space indoor gardening and the importance of plant placement in the home for optimal growth. There are lots of ideas for how to make your home a lush, green paradise, no matter how much space you have. In the Garden love nodding to the 1900s with their style, but they fully embrace today’s sustainable practices and biophilic designs. They are reusing the past to shape the future, where plants in the home start telling their own story, just like the containers they are in. They become an expression of our identity adding that unique touch to indoor spaces.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

21 – 25 May 2024

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We know what a positive impact well designed spaces can have on quality of life, and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with designers who understand the extraordinary benefits of houseplants.

Meet the Designers

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