The Little Botanical

Step into The Little Botanical’s immersive sanctuary, where every corner pays tribute to the rich heritage of their botanical wonders, inviting you to explore their cultural journeys and peek into their nursery in West Sussex, where the soul of each plant thrives; British-grown and peat-free.

The Little Botanical’s Houseplant Studio, Plants with Soul is a visual and sensory delight embodying the essence of the plants themselves. Visitors will be invited to find the plant personality that best matches theirs.

Discover Plants with Soul

exterior of Plants with Soul The Little Botanical at RHS chelsea 2024
RHS Silver Medal

Committed to providing a complete style solution

the little botanical team

Co-founded by Morag and Greg Hill, with years of horticulture and design experience, The Little Botanical was born in 2017. Stemming from their vision to bring beautifully packaged, low maintenance, easy-care houseplants to customers wishing to add effortless green style to their interiors, whether they be green-fingered aficionados or budding newbie plant parents.

From the very beginning, The Little Botanical was committed to providing a complete style solution. It’s a pet hate of founders Morag and Greg to see gorgeous houseplants in ill-fitting pots, or worse, just left in the plastic pots. All of The Little Botanical’s plants are delivered directly to your door, pre-styled in perfectly fitting, gorgeous pots for effortless, beautiful, green-filled interiors.

“The Little Botanical was created because I wanted to inspire more people to make plants part of their everyday lives, to take the complexity out of plant shopping and provide a simple solution for consumers by giving instant and easy access to stylish indoor plants.”

With most of their indoor plants grown at their West Sussex nursery, The Little Botanical prioritise eco-friendly practices; from utilising recycled packaging to sourcing from ethical suppliers, they strive to minimise their environmental impact. Recent years have seen the company commit to going peat-free and, after over two years of experimentation and development, they’ve perfected a peat-free soil mix, ensuring the health and growth of their houseplants.

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Plants with SoulRHS Silver Medal Winner

Housed in the Studio Pavilion at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, Plants with Soul (designed by Greg Hill, Morag Hill, Julie Lee, Richard Prentice and Trista Lin) offers show visitors a visual and sensory experience where, if you listen close enough, you may just be able to hear the sound of plants!

A magical peek into The Little Botanical’s nursery in West Sussex awaits, where the soul of each plant thrives. The vibrant interior of Plants with Soul will harmonise with carefully curated, peat-free, British-grown greenery. Visitors will be invited to learn more about the plants, exploring their origins and cultural journeys, whilst sounds from their native habitats play softly in the background; from the gentle patter of tropical rain in southern Mexico to the lively ambiance of a Costa Rican street market.

Embark on an enchanting journey through this botanical haven, from the plants’ natural habitats to their forever homes.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

21 – 25 May 2024

Meet the Designers

We know what a positive impact well designed spaces can have on quality of life, and we’re thrilled to be collaborating with designers who understand the extraordinary benefits of houseplants.

Meet the Designers

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