Happy Hopton Summerhouse Owners 

According to these Malvern Garden Building owners, happiness is a Hopton summerhouse. Just like cream teas and traditional country cottages, the Hopton Summerhouse is quintessentially English.

This pretty garden room is made in Britain from western red cedar and is available in 6 different sizes. The octagonal design fits neatly into any size or shape of garden in the town or in the country.

The pressure treated cedar shingle roof and eaves turns a beautiful silver grey colour with age and requires little or no maintenance. You can customise the look of this summerhouse by choosing from Georgian, square or diamond leaded windows.

An idyllic spot to soak up the sunshine and enjoy some peace and serenity!

Hopton Owners in the Country: Martin & Jill Fish

Martin Fish is a garden writer and broadcaster. In 2009 he moved to North Yorkshire with his wife Jill where for 5 years he ran the award winning Harrogate shows.

What was it about the Hopton summerhouse that appealed to you?

We go to lots of flower shows and have often seen them displayed. We were always drawn to the style and shape of the Hopton and thought it would fit perfectly into our garden. When our old open fronted garden gazebo rotted, we knew it was time to install something that we could use all year round and add to the overall design of the garden.

Where is it positioned in your garden and why did you choose this spot?

We have a long garden, so we wanted the Hopton to be towards the end of the garden where we can sit and enjoy the garden and also the views of the surrounding countryside. It’s nestled into a large border, surrounded by trees and shrubs making it the perfect place to sit and watch the birds. It also faces west so that we can enjoy the late afternoon and evening sun.

How do you use the building? Has that changed recently? 

If we are working in the garden we’ll often have morning coffee or lunch in the Hopton and we enjoy a glass of wine there in the evening to watch the sun go down.

Thanks to having electricity in the Hopton we even use it in the middle of winter to sit and read on a Sunday afternoon and have been know to have a snooze in our reclining chairs!

Having more time at home at moment the Hopton is our sanctuary away from the house and all that’s happening at the moment. I often take my laptop with me to do some of the writing that I do for garden magazines.

How would you describe the interior?

It’s an eclectic mix of old and new. Jill has knitted the bunting in pastel shades and we have a shabby chic shelving with a mix of vintage items that we’ve collected over the years. We bought some comfy reclining chairs and foot stools that make it very easy to relax and chill out! Blankets and a small electric heater make it cosy even in the middle of the winter. .

When is your favourite time to spend time in your garden?

We have no favourite time really as the garden offers something different to look at through the day as the light changes and even in winter there’s plenty of plant interest to draw us down into the garden.

What does your Hopton mean to you?

Because of the shape and length of our the garden we can’t see the bottom half from the house, so having the Hopton allows us to be able to sit and enjoy the garden at leisure. Before the Hopton we’d only see the bottom of the garden when we were working down there or if we had a quick walk around, but now we can fully appreciate the garden from the comfort of the Hopton.

Hopton Owners in the City: Stephen & Pauline Hoare

Stephen and Pauline Hoare live in London. Stephen is an author and historian. His most recent book, Palaces of Power: The Birth and Evolution of London’s Clubland was published last year by The History Press. Pauline is a local government officer.

What was it about the Hopton summerhouse that appealed to you?

The Hopton appealed to us as it is a little bit Gothic and definitely in the Georgian style. As we live in a Georgian house, we felt our summer house would fit well with the spirit of our home and garden.

Where is it positioned in your garden and why did you choose this spot?

The summer house is located at the end of our long, narrow garden which is unusually secluded for central London. We chose this spot because it is where it is quietest. The Hopton gets the sun from early morning to around 1.00 pm. We sit, relax and watch the sparrows and blue tits birds visiting our bird feeder.

How do you use the building? Has that changed recently? 

We moved a couple of old armchairs from the house into the Hopton and a battered antique occasional table which I repaired. The Hopton is somewhere we retreat to spend a quiet hour or two each day reading or chatting over a cup of coffee. It is an ideal haven from our hectic and sometimes stressful lives, working from home during the lock down.

How would you describe the interior?

We share our Hopton with a couple of large specimen pot plants, a lemon tree and a Kaffir lily which miraculously had survived the winter outdoors. Subconsciously, I think we have created the feel of an old conservatory – a mini Kew Gardens!

When is your favourite time to spend time in your garden?

Our favourite time for relaxing in our Hopton is around 11.00 am. It is a nice time to break the day and to chat before preparing lunch.

During the recent hot spell, we sat in the Hopton reading most of the day and then when it got dark, we lit a couple of candles while sharing a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.

What does your Hopton mean to you?

We never ever thought we would ever have a luxury summer house, as the end of the garden where it now stands was an overgrown jungle. Clearing the space and then demolishing an old shed to lay a base was a mammoth undertaking which took three months.

Sitting together in our summer house we see our garden in a completely new light. I wonder why we never did it earlier.

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